About Me

I’m currently student at Czech Technical University in Prague at Faculty of Information Technology. I finished my bachelor degree at University of Hradec Králové in Czech Republic, then I embarked for Prague to start Master’s program at Czech Technical University in Prague and decided there to try studying abroad. Year later I found myself studying in Norway at University of Stavanger.


Me at Kjerag…again. :-)

Norway really grew on me. After semester there it really didn’t take long and I returned there for two more weeks. And then half a year later I went back again. Basically I use every opportunity to go there and see my friends and beauties of this amazing country.

Right now I’m back in Prague planning to finish my master studies. My free time is mostly dedicated to my hobbies. (See My passions) Right now I’m interested in BitCoin and giving it a lot of my thoughts. Few years back I enjoyed playing NHL on PC (I still do from time to time), Lineage 2 and right now I’m hooked up on League of Legends. (Sejuani & Caitlyn FTW!)