My Passions

Stargate SG-1
Here you can see probably the biggest of my passions. STARGATE! To be honest I should be more specific, therefore Stargate SG-1. TV Show I grew up on and I’m still pretty much hooked up on. Every now and then I get into this mood when I have to watch some episodes of good old Stargate SG-1. Lot of stuff I do is somehow connected with Stargate. I’m one of guys responsible for organizing Gatecons in Czech Republic.

Amanda Tapping and Me 
I visit Stargate conventions abroad, which brings me to another passion of mine with Stargate closely connected. Yep, her name is Amanda Tapping! And yep, I guess you could call it platonic love. But in my eyes it’s more like being a fan. She is this incredibly caring, funny, good mood spreading, (as she says) adorkable, always smiling goofball. :-) I met with her couple of times hence you can believe me that’s exactly what she is. What else should I write about Amanda and myself so the text is nicely aligned with the picture. Oh…wait…that’s it.

I don’t travel just to the conventions, though. To be honest I travel for travel’s sake. I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. – Robert Louis Stevenson
I love travelling! I love it with every inch of my body. And there is nothing like travelling with friends and travelling light.

I’m also a sports fan. That’s why I love chess. But seriously, another passion of mine is hockey and floorball. I play floorball every once in a while with friends and I watch hockey pretty often. To be more precise I watch NHL and my all time favorite hockey team Detroit Red Wings. Their long time captain Steve Yzerman is my idol since my early years. In fact I consider him the best captain in history and overall the best player of all times. Not Gretzky, not Gordie Howe aka Mr. Hockey but Stevie Y!
Other than that I’m generally a huge TV Shows and sci-fi fan. All the shows I watch and how I like them can be found in TV Shows section. I enjoy cool gadgets, technology and everything nice and yummy.